About Me

Crikit Fitness is dedicated to helping you reach your health and fitness goals. I am a certified Fitness Trainer and Weight Loss Coach who has lost over 150 pounds without the help of fad diets, risky surgeries or dangerous pills.  I feel that the journey to health is very personalized and no two people will walk the same road the exact same way.  I hope you will consider letting me help you find your way on your journey.  I spent countless weeks, months and years promising myself that I would start tomorrow.  I found every excuse in the book for why I hadn't had success. My tomorrow finally came and the excuses were no longer made.  You can stop saying tomorrow... No excuses... Just results.  Please read my story and check out the ways I can help you start living today and letting go of the excuses.  You are worth the effort and deserve to live a healthy, happy life free of the extra weight you are carrying.  Let's take this journey together!